Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  I know right now that alot of folks are getting ready for the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration. I want to take the time to wish everyone "Good Luck" and that you have safe travels. Soon after the "Celebration" it will be time again for the fall line up of horse shows. It is hard to believe that we have just about completed other year of shows. 
                                                       Racking High Point Classes with ETWHA
We have had some misunderstanding about the Racking High Points. If you show racking you ONLY HAVE TO BE A HIGH POINT MEMBER OF ETWHA ONLY. We are not affiliated with any racking association. If a show affiliates with a Racking Association such as RHBAA then your horse will have to be registered with that association. If there are any question contact Tony Bull or any ETWHA board member. We will be glad to help in any way possible. Hope to see everyone at the next horse show. REMEMBER: In order for your points to count for the High Points, you are required to be a member of ETWHA.
 * * * Kirkpatrick Oil & Sunnyside Tack has donated a Saddlerack to raffle off and to be given away at the ETWHA Fall Classic.

***Attention Racking Horse Owners: The general membership of ETWHA voted and have now added 5 new highpoint categories that include Racking Horses. The Categories are as follows: Trail Pleasure; Country Pleasure; Youth Racking; Amatuer Racking; and Racking Open.

Please let everyone you know with Racking Horses about this new option for highpoints, recognition and awards at the ETWHA banquet. For the high points to count as always you will need to be a high point member with ETWHA. To join for the high points is $35. and the form is on this website.

Again for any of the Walking or Racking points to count you will need to be a HIGHPOINT member of ETWHA. From the date you join is the start of accumilating points. 



ETWHA Newsletter Editor/ Website Creator
Anita Bradshaw
We really appreciate your support in these upcoming events. Only in keeping our walking community together, can we overcome the issues we face and we can hope our 2014 season will be better.  








Times are difficult for most however, if we come together as an association and a patron for the love of the Tennessee Walking Horse, we can keep the shows flourishing into the future.


The ETWHA supports the Tennessee Walking Horse and does not condone the abuse of any animal.