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East Tennessee Walking Horse Association
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SHOW HIO Rule Changes: As an association, the ETWHA has shows that affiliate with several HIO organizations, it is important to keep everyone abreast of changes to the rules. 

The SHOW Rules committee recently suggested a change to the rulebook which addresses class procedure and the requirements and limitations for how horses enter the ring to begin the class.  The rule focuses on safety as well as allowing the judges to observe the horses entering the ring more fully.

In recent years, horses have been stopping upon entering the ring and collecting in one area and/or doubling back behind the gate which has the entry passing the entry gate while other horses are entering the ring, creating a safety hazard.  The new rule requires horses to continue the first way of the ring past the sight of the judges into the second turn.

The following rule has been added to the SHOW rule book under 3. SHOW RULES AND REGULATIONS A. General Rules

8. When horses enter the gate, they must continue going the first way of the ring (counterclockwise) past the line of sight of the judge(s) proceeding towards the second turn of the ring.  Horses must not pass in front of the gate in either direction until the class has been called.  A horse is not to double back behind the gate or continue around the ring the first way and pass the gate area.  An intentional violation of this rule by the exhibitor will result in the entry being excused from the class. 


2023 High Point Category Changes: 

  1. Combining of the Weanling and Yearling categories.
  2. High point categories Plantation Pleasure Amateur SpecialtyPlantation Pleasure Open (Canter & Specialty)Plantation Pleasure Youth Specialty will now be referenced as Park Pleasure Amateur Specialty, Park Pleasure Open (Canter & Specialty), Park Pleasure Youth Specialty.
  3. Add an All-Day Pleasure class to the high point category. Class must say walking for points to be acquired.
  4. Change Two-, Three- and Four-Year-Old Racking high point category to Jr. Racking Horse (4 & Under) high point category. 
  5. Add Racking Speed class to the high point categories.

*** These changes are also listed in the ETWHA High Point Program under changes and clarifications from 2022 after the categories page.  Forms Tab on the site.  


ETWHA Membership Class:

Changes dictate you are now allowed to show in the East TN Members Class if you join the day of an ETWHA affiliated horse show, however high points will not begin to accumulate until after the 7 day grace period. 


Points will be awarded to the highest placing member that has reached the 7 day new member grace period. For example, if a new-member (joining that night / day - 7 day grace period not met) ties first and an existing member ties second, the existing member will receive the first place points etc.





Memberships will be increasing next year... In 2024 High Point membership and Associate memberships will increase. High point membership will increase to $50.00 and Associate memberships will increase to $25.00.



Interested in joining the East TN Walking Horse Association?

Two Types of Memberships:

Highpoint membership (Family or Individual) - $35 prior to the first affiliated horse show. Qualifies for high-points. 

The points will begin accumulating 7 days after receipt of payment or postmarked date. Family includes those living in the household married and their children under the age of 18.

Associate membership (Family of Individual)  $15.  This membership excludes high point and awards.

Note: For special awards (i.e. performance horse, pleasure horse, amateur, and trainer of the year) the owner, rider, and trainer must ALL be high point members. For more information on rules of high points see forms / application page.

Mail membership applications along with a check or money order to: 


Jamie Ailshie 1124 Gap Mountain Road, Greeneville, TN 37745